Stretch Tents: The Ultimate Event Tent! Here’s Why:

What makes the stretch such an attractive event tent option?

Freeform<sup>®</sup>c create an electric atmosphere at the Shimmey Beach Bar Loeries event.

It’s not just the special ‘stretch and recover’ feature of stretch tent fabric that makes our tents the preferred choice over more traditional cover options like marquees. Here are a few more reasons stretch tents are winning in the event cover space:

Stretch tents offer greater flexibility. A single tent can be rigged in a variety of configurations.

Unlike a traditional pole marquee tent (which consists of a roof canopy supported by tall centre poles and tensioned using side lines secured by stakes driven into the ground and smaller side poles), a stretch tent is a ‘free form’ fabric structure erected under tension. The tent itself is a single square or rectangular piece of specialised fabric. The fabric is rigged by pushing poles of various heights into the fabric under tension. The poles are then pegged into place. When the poles are removed, the specialised fabric automatically recovers its original shape. Effectively, this means that a single tent can be rigged in a variety of configurations, depending on the event requirement or venue. This makes the stretch concept the most versatile event tent option ever!

They can be rigged off and around existing structures

Unlike marquee tents which are free-standing structures, stretch tents can be rigged off architectural structures such as walls and buildings. This means that they can literally be attached to an existing venue to extend or maximise a particular space. They can also be rigged as a fully closed down structure to protect against the weather, or with one, two or all sides up to open up the ‘venue’ to an available view.

They’re not as stuffy

Our specialised waterproof stretch fabric is more breathable and sound absorbing than the PVC materials usually used to construct modern marquee covers – making for a less stuffy and less noisy venue in warmer weather.

Freeform <sup>®</sup> tents create an electric atmosphere Shimmey Beach Bar Loeries event.

Freeform ® tents create an electric atmosphere Shimmey Beach Bar Loeries event.

They pack down relatively small

Even the largest stretch tent stores down to a relatively small stuff bag and a pile of articulated poles (poles breakdown to 2m and 1.5m lengths) when compared to the storage and transport requirements of a traditional marquee. Stretch tents are easily transported on the back of a small utility van or truck and do not require a great deal of storage space, making them the obvious choice when it comes to hiring event tents.

…and they don’t need as many men to put them up!

By the same token, a Stretch Tent requires relatively little manpower to rig than a traditional marquee. An experienced rigger can quite comfortably rig a 50m2 tent on his own if necessary, while larger tents require a team of no more than 5 riggers.

Freeform <sup>®</sup> tents create an electric atmosphere Shimmey Beach Bar Loeries event.

Freeform ® tents create an electric atmosphere Shimmey Beach Bar Loeries event.

Plus they go up and down more quickly

Yet a Stretch Tent goes up far more quickly. Set-up time at large events is usually 6hrs before the event kick-off. Dismantling the structure takes around 2hrs.

They come in a greater variety of sizes and colours and modular sizes can be linked together

Stretch Tents offer a greater size variety than do marquee tents. This has created a large but niche market in the event industry. Where before, private parties held at home were the exclusive domain of those with very large properties, the stretch tent with sizes ranging from 50m² up to 630m², has brought the party back to the people. Now the smallest suburban garden or courtyard can be transformed into an atmospheric party venue

What’s more, Stretch Tents are modular. This means covering an area of more than 630m2 is simply a matter of rigging 2 or more tents together.

Freeform® Stretch Tents at the Shimmey Beach Bar, Loeries Party 2014

Freeform®Stretch Tents at the Shimmey Beach Bar, Loeries Party 2014

The atmosphere beneath a stretch tent is electric

But perhaps the greatest comparison that can be drawn between a marquee pole tent and a Freeform® Stretch Tent is the atmosphere experienced beneath them. Gone are stuffy white interiors draped in voile and flowers. An event held beneath a Freeform® Stretch Tent holds a different kind of romance. Available in a wide range of colours like hot pinks, blues, greens, oranges and yellows or stylish neutrals like white, taupe, platinum and black, our stretch tents make a dynamic graphic statement in any landscape. The atmosphere beneath these tents is spectacular. The gentle undulating curves of the fabric create a voluminous and impressive interior that requires little or no dressing. During the day, the diffused light is soft and inviting. At night, the addition of lights or graphic light shows bounced off the fabric brings everything to life.

What’s not to love!

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