Freeform® custom-fit stretch tent / canopy


Beautiful cover, designed to
measure and built to last

If your customers require a bespoke solution for their restaurant or venue, or a seasonal solution for their outdoor spaces, we can support you with over twenty years of custom design and manufacturing expertise. You measure. We will design a 3D walk-thru of the covered space to help your customer visualize the solution. We then manufacture and deliver for you to install.

All custom tents are designed to fit the available space – accommodating existing elements and fixtures like trees, decking, pergolas, stairwells, and walls. A range of colour and branding options are available.

We'd love to hear about your project and how we can help to cover the space fast, effectively and beautifully!

Custom Design


Our team is always happy to provide guidance and advice on ordering options. Call us direct for a no-obligation chat or submit your enquiry now to receive a quote.