Freeform® modular stretch tent

Modular Stretch Tents

From small to large-scale events, we’ve got you covered

We build tents to the exact size that your tent rental business requires. With 'exact-size tents', your tent inventory is 'modular'. This means tents will fit together perfectly, allowing you to create larger rental spaces when required.

Modular stretch tents can either be joined lug to lug, or via the Freeform® modular tent guttering system. This advanced guttering system offers superior looks, ensures a watertight join, and will not blow off. It is available for separate purchase.

We manufacture modular tents to any reasonable dimension. Our most popular sizes in the small, medium, and large categories are listed below for your reference. These sizes have proved to be the most versatile for tent rental businesses. A stretch tent inventory featuring a combination of these sizes will give you the flexibility to cater for both small and large-scale events.

Freeform® 75 (Small)


37 pax (Seated Dinner)
49 pax (Standing Cocktail)
49 pax (Conference)

Freeform® 75 (Medium)


78 pax (Seated Dinner)
104 pax (Standing Cocktail)
104 pax (Conference)

Freeform® 75 (Large)


156 pax (Seated Dinner)
207 pax (Standing Cocktail)
207 pax (Conference)


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