Pole Set Options

Our poles are available in three different options and we have developed unique rigging systems and components for each option. Each option offers advantages, but ultimately your choice will depend on your rigging style and logistics. Items can be purchased as complete sets or as individual components. Pole lifting tools and pole carry bags are also available.


Aluminium Poles


Eucalyptus Poles

NEW Square Laminated Pine

Square Laminated Pine Poles

Aluminium Pole Sets

Our engineered aluminum poles combine a sleek aesthetic with lightweight strength for easy transportation. Aluminium poles are available in modular lengths of 1.5 metres, 2 metres, and 3 metres. These connect with pole connectors to allow for convenient breakdown and assembly in restricted spaces, such as rooftops.

For precise height adjustments, our modular design accommodates incremental changes using short sections. The installation process is streamlined with our pole slider cup, which features a universal pole base.

Ensuring durability and functionality, our poles include stainless steel apex pole pins, outer pole guy rope sets, anti-slip rubber feet, and pole tops in 50mm, 150mm, and 250mm sizes. You can also customize your set-up with pole socks in vibrant colors and patterns.

Aluminium Pole Sets

Eucalyptus Pole Sets

Our engineered eucalyptus poles are super-strong and are widely favored for their natural yet neat appearance. However, they lack the same degree of rigging flexibility, and storage and transport advantages provided by our aluminum or square laminated pine options.

Eucalyptus Pole Sets

Square Laminated Pine Pole Sets

Our new, engineered square pine laminated pole system has a great look and feel and will last a lifetime. The square 100mm x 100mm shape allows for efficient packing and stacking, minimizing the space required for storage and transport. All outer pole sets come with galvanized swivel base plates with a galvanized steel protector cap with a stainless steel apex pin.

Square Laminated Pine Poles Sets



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