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Product FAQs2023-12-06T06:58:25+00:00

Event Stretch Tent FAQs

What you need to know

What is the difference between a Modular Tent and a Next Generation Tent?2023-12-07T05:09:54+00:00

Modular Tents: Modular tents are designed with lug or tie points typically spaced at 50-centimeter intervals. These facilitate the connection of multiple tents using our guttering system.


New Generation Tents: In contrast, New Generation Tents feature main tie points positioned 5 meters apart, and feature an internal catenary boundary rope. This design not only ensures exceptional strength but also but creates a beautiful, clean curved look and feel. The result is a structure that combines robustness with enhanced visual appeal.

What is the space allowance for each guest?2023-11-15T12:03:55+00:00

As a general guideline, for seated events, you might allocate around 1.5 to 2 square meters per person. For standing or more informal events, you could allow for less space, around 1 square meter per person. Keep in mind that these are general estimates and the actual capacity may vary.

Can I order tents to my own specifications?2023-11-15T12:05:21+00:00

Yes, if you’re a tent rental business talk to us about your particular preferences for your stretch tents.

Do you have engineering books for the tents?2023-10-27T07:55:12+01:00

Yes, we offer engineering tent books for common tent sizes, outlining their structural integrity and load-bearing capacity and wind ratings according to the EU code. Please click here for more details.

What is the lifespan of the tent cover?2023-12-06T08:12:42+00:00

The cover tent typically lasts between 5 to 7 years, contingent upon environmental exposure, geographical location, and adherence to recommended installation procedures. A UV protective shade cover can be added to increase the longevity of the tents if required.

What maximum wind speed can the stretch tent endure?2023-11-21T09:12:14+00:00

Our stretch fabric is meticulously designed and engineered to withstand gusts exceeding +100km/h when correctly installed.

What colours do you offer?2023-12-06T06:28:38+00:00

You can order your tents in any of the stock colours we offer including White / Platinum / Black  / Blue  / Red  / Pink  / Orange  / Yellow  / Chino  / Taupe. Colours are available in block out, translucent and two tone options. If you require a custom colour, a minimum order is 1000m2  is required.

Do you offer different pole options?2023-12-06T06:30:33+00:00

Yes! We offer three different pole systems: Aluminium, Eucalyptus, and our NEW Square Pine Laminated Poles. Click here to learn more.

Can I join tents together?2023-11-11T12:47:21+00:00

One of the unique features of stretch tents is that they can be joined to create larger spaces simply by joining each tent lug together. This means you can essentially cover multiple-size events with the same tent stock. However, if you want to create a seamless join that is 100% waterproof, you will need to order our tent joining guttering system separately. We have spent many years perfecting a system that allows for easy joining and efficient drainage to ensure your tents will not leak. You can learn more about our tent joining and guttering system here. If you plan on joining tents, we recommend ordering all your tents in a specific modular dimension to ensure they fit together perfectly.

Can I close the tent up in bad weather?2023-12-06T19:49:45+00:00

Our sidewall solutions provide the flexibility to create a closed tent solution when needed, ensuring comfort and protection in adverse weather conditions. Learn more about sidewalls here

Can I order just the skin / tent membrane?2023-12-06T19:51:18+00:00

Yes, certainly. While we offer all rigging components required to rig your stretch tent, you can absolutely just order the skin or tent membrane.

Can you add my company branding/print on the tents?2023-10-02T15:59:18+01:00

Yes, we provide customization options that include adding your company branding or full-colour graphic prints to the stretch tents. This is a great way to promote your business and enhance the visual appeal of the tents. Contact us for more information.

As a tent rental business just starting out, what’s a good starter pack?2023-12-06T19:52:29+00:00

The beauty of modular stretch tents is the fact that you can service a variety of event sizes with just a small number of tents. Speak to our team about the best options for your rental business.

Can I customize a tent for my restaurant?2023-12-06T19:54:12+00:00

Certainly, we offer full custom solutions to suit various applications, including for use in restaurants. We can work with you to create a tailored solution that aligns with your specific requirements. Visit the Freeform® Custom Stretch Tents website for more information

How long does tent manufacturing time take?2023-10-27T08:20:37+01:00

Manufacturing time can vary based on factors such as the size, complexity, and customization options you choose. Generally, standard dimension tents are manufactured between 4 – 6 weeks. We carry a large volume of modular tent stock in SA, EU, UK and the USA, so please make contact to see what is available closer to you.

How does the freight work? Can you send a tent to any country?2023-10-02T15:59:41+01:00

We offer international shipping for our stretch tents. However, specific shipping details, costs, and restrictions may vary depending on the destination country. Please contact us for precise information regarding freight to your location.

Why are Freeform® stretch tents more expensive than other options?2023-12-06T07:11:25+00:00

Quality, quality, quality. Superior quality, durability, and specialized features all contribute to our premium pricing. While our tents may be slightly more expensive, your upfront investment will pay off in the long run. The Freeform® brand has a proven track record and our tents outperform and outlast cheaper alternatives by a clear margin. Make sure it’s a Freeform® for the best return on your investment. Get in touch today


Our team is always happy to provide guidance and advice on ordering options. Call us direct for a no-obligation chat or submit your enquiry now to receive a quote.

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