Stretch Tent Side Walls & Panels

Interchangeable sidewalls for total weather protection

Most of our tents including next generation shapes, can be closed down completely with sidewalls that attach to the open sides of the tent. These are available in matching tent fabric and clear PVC vinyl. Full-color print options are also available and provide a great option for high-visibility branding.



Sidewalls are laced up onto the open sides of the tent using the tent D-rings and sidewall lugs. Once laced, the wall is pulled up tight underneath the tent to form an eave. The bottom is then laced by running a rope through the bottom lugs and tensioning between two small corner stakes. The base is then pinned to small ground stakes to tension neatly. Corners are velcroed down with fly flaps to close entirely.


Clear PVC vinyl window inset sidewalls are designed to shut out the weather while keeping the light and view.


Sidewalls also provide a standout interchangeable tent branding solution for sponsored events.


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