Training your team
for success

It is crucial for your team to be well-versed in the art of stretch tent rigging and our specific systems. This is non-negotiable for the reputation and success of your business. A stretch tent that is poorly rigged isn't just unsafe; it reflects poorly on the industry as a whole. We're here to help your team get up to speed and offer you the benefit of ongoing support whenever required.

On-site training

Should you decide to purchase tents from us, we invite you to send your team for comprehensive on-site training with our skilled installers at our factory in Cape Town, South Africa. This training course ensures that your team is fully equipped with the detailed knowledge and skills required to rig tents that not only comply with international safety regulations but stand apart from the competition.

Manuals & detailed rigging instructions

If you are unable to send your team for training, we offer detailed training manuals and demo videos for each of our tents, rigging systems, and specialized

To request these manuals, please send an enquiry

Experienced support when you need it

Our installers share a vast amount of rigging experience between them and are available to guide and troubleshoot when required.


Our team is always happy to provide guidance and advice on ordering options. Call us direct for a no-obligation chat or submit your enquiry now to receive a quote.