Luxury Glamping Tents from FREEFORM®

One system with multiple configurations.
Any terrain. Any environment.

Quality and innovation are hallmarks of the FREEFORM® brand and our latest luxury glamping tent offering is no different. Designed and engineered as temporary accommodation for eco-sensitive environments, these ingeniously simple modular timber-frame and stretch tent glampers are quickly installed and easily relocated or removed – leaving only a lasting impression of quality, comfort and clever design behind.

The Eco Stretch House™ offers the most flexible option for those looking to join the glamping revolution and turn their property into a sought after glamping destination.

Fast & Simple Build

Designed for quick installation and easy removal, the Eco Stretch House™ is a modular system constructed with pre-fabricated timber beams and posts designed to standard dimensions.

  • Universal Interlocking Beams & Posts Timber beams and posts interlock to quickly assemble the frame
  • With our fast-build joining system, pre-fabricated modular elements simply lock together to assemble the frame. This makes it possible for the structure to be erected by a small team with only basic training, keeping installation costs to an absolute minimum.
  • As the structure is considered temporary and removable, costly and time-consuming planning approvals will not be necessary.
  • A simple, no fuss build process means you get to market faster and realise a much quicker return on your investment.
It takes a small team just one day to assemble most units

Easily Transported

Smaller units are easily transported to remote glamping destinations with a flatbed trailer or small truck. Modular elements pack down to a neat crate, easily stowed until needed.

A Wanderer 30 packs down to a neat 1053mm x 3000mm x 1200mm crate.

Low Impact

From sand to snow, on sloping or uneven ground… Our custom engineered self-levelling feet make it possible to erect units on almost any terrain – giving you the freedom to easily turn unused land into an income-generating property with the added flexibility to relocate unit as the need dictates.

  • Units are elevated on galvanised steel feet and simply levelled by adjusting the height of each foot.
  • This removes the need for costly foundations that may leave unsightly scars on the environment when the unit is removed or relocated.
  • Elevated units are less prone to weathering.
  • Plumbing and electrical services are more accessible.
  • Elevated units are warmer in colder climates.
  • Snakes and bugs are also less likely to make an unwanted appearance.
Install an income-generating Eco Stretch House™ on any terrain with no compromise to the environment.

Adaptable Style

The Eco Stretch House™ gives you a great deal of freedom in terms of creating the kind of glamping experience you want to offer.

The modular timber-frame structure has been designed to accommodate a variety of wall panel options. These panels can be easily interchanged at any stage to suit your current requirements. Create a safari-style luxury tent with a glamorous stretch tent spanning soft canvas walls and stretch tent ceiling. Build a cozy cabin or a modern zen pod with cladded wooden walls and a hard roof* (*enquire about our trussed roof option). Capture every inch of the environment with full glass sliding doors and windows or build a rustic beach shack with corrugated aluminium walls. How about a reed hut panelled with bamboo? We even offer fabric wall options printed with designs that will echo the culture or nature of the area.

Demonstrated above: the Drifter 22 with soft fabric walls and stretch tent.

Interchangeable Wall Panels

Interchangeable wall panels accommodate either hard or soft wall options A variety of hard wall options are available.
Ripstop Canvas wall panels can be solid or feature zipped window and door inserts.
Hard walls can be solid wood, glass, aluminium or cladded panels. Standard-sized aluminium windows and sliding doors panels are also available.


While our stretch tent ceiling comes standard, trussed roof option are available.
In the standard option, a soft stretch tent ceiling spans the timber frame and is held aloft by a central post.
In this instance, the trussed roof can accommodate either hard or soft ceiling panel options.
Join the revolution and deliver the kind of out-of-the-ordinary luxury glamping experience you want to offer.

Modular Design

An Eco Stretch House™ is a scalable structure you can configure to meet your needs. Modular interlocking units of standard
dimensions connect together to create multiple floor plans.*

The internal space can be re-configured by clipping internal walls to different points on the frame.
Decks can be placed on any side. Stairs can be clipped on at any access point.
Bedrooms, bathrooms and/or decks can be added after-build, simply by plugging into the existing structure.
Scale the size, configure the floor plan, and select wall panelling options to meet your exact requirements.


Glamping is all all about getting off the beaten track and immersing yourself in nature without kicking comfort to the curb. Our ablution and power solutions make it possible for you to turn even the most remote ‘off-the-grid’ location into a sought-after glamping destination. We cater for three basic scenarios:

There is water and electricity conveniently located
In this case all that is required is a small DB board with a small 12 Volt transformer and a water connection shut-off valve. The hot water system is a compact electric system located beneath the basin. The shower includes a pumped sump to pump wastewater into a suitable tank or soak-away.

There is water but no electricity
In this case a solar system with a battery, a solar panel and charge controller is required along with a digital gas geyser and gas bottle. The shower includes a pumped sump to pump wastewater into to a suitable tank or soak-away.

There is neither water nor electricity
In this case a solar powered system is required which would include a battery, a solar panel, a charge controller plus a digital gas geyser with gas bottle and a 12 Volt 11.6 L/pm pump. The shower includes a pumped sump to pump wastewater into to a suitable tank or soak-away. A 1000 L rain water tank supplies water to the unit. Depending on solar conditions (shade and latitude) an 80 Watt solar panel (or larger) and a 105 Amp/hr high cycle battery (or more) can produce around 6.5 amps per hour for around 6 hours per day – pushing approximately 40 Amp/hrs back into the battery each sunny day – providing sufficient energy to power the pumps and LED lighting.

Transport your guests to prime locations with the ultimate escape into the wild.

Natural Appeal

The organic curves of the stretch tent and its rustic timber elements, the Eco Stretch House™ is a beautiful complement to any natural setting.

Organic Look
The FREEFORM® stretch tent lends an inviting and luxurious feel to the entire unit. Muted, natural colour options and the tent’s organic curves are a beautiful complement to any setting.

Sustainable Materials
Unit frames, sub-floors and decks are built entirely from sustainably sourced and treated pine or hard-wearing grandis timber, each offering a predicted lifespan of 10 – 25 years depending on weather conditions.

One with Nature
Soft fabric walls can be unzipped on three sides and rolled up entirely to open up the Eco Stretch House™ to its scenic surroundings.

Eco-luxury that blends seamlessly with the landscape

All the Comforts

Our climate-friendly options are designed to ensure absolute comfort and our range of finishes cater for both luxurious and rustic accommodation styles.

Create a 5-star luxury experience or scale the comfort factor up or down as required
Or create a glamper with with just the basic comforts

Wall Panel Options
Soft fabric walls can be solid or windowed. The fabric slides into a Keder rail track attached to the wooden frame, creating a weather-tight seal and a flat tensioned wall. These walls can be unzipped on three sides and rolled up entirely to open out to the surroundings. The tri-layer window system consisting of an external Ripstop canvas ‘blind’, a fixed mosquito net and a clear internal roll- up PVC window provides both privacy and protection from insects and the weather respectively.

Hard panel alternatives include solid wood, glass, aluminium or cladded panels. Standard-sized aluminium windows and sliding doors panels are also available. Custom panels of the same dimension can be installed easily and cost-efficiently.

Insulation & Heating
We offer hard wall and floor insulation to keep accommodation warm and cozy in colder climates. Add a romantic ambiance with gas fireplaces options.

Bathrooms & Kitchenettes
Units are available with or without bathroom facilities. Our 4m², 6m² or 12m² bathroom modules can either plug into an existing structure or be included in the main floor plan. Solutions are available for both ‘off-the-grid’ and fully-serviced scenarios. Any custom fixture or fitting meeting the service requirements can be fitted on site by your own supplier to meet your level of luxury.

Coal-Fired Hot Tubs
Imagine enjoying a hot tub on your private deck overlooking an incredible view! We offer wood-fired hot tubs made from ultra-light, but very sturdy material and filled with self-expanding foam. These hot tubs do not need an electrical outlet or installation. The water is heated via an aluminum wood- fired stove that fits neatly into a corner and is well shielded to prevent injuries.

Flooring Options
Choose from a range of flooring finishes including WISA- birch floor, engineered laminated and vinyl plank flooring, as well as natural carpeting options like hard-wearing coir.

Soft Wall & Ceiling Panels
Hard Wall & Ceiling Panels
Units are available with or without bathroom facilities

Choose practical alternatives to suit your comfort levels and climate.

Multiple Applications

From a small, luxury glamping ‘tent’ to a ‘village’ of structures built for a market day, the Eco Stretch House™ is a versatile solution that meets the requirements of a wide variety of applications.

Multiple units make an ideal and highly configurable solution for markets

Open for business this season with an engaging and sociable space customers will naturally gravitate to

The Eco Stretch House™ opens the way for businesses with temporary location operating rights to pop up and down for business as the season blows, packing down to a neat container that can be easily stowed until the following season.

Offer 5-star luxury glamping accommodation in wilderness areas

Transport your guests to prime locations and deliver out-of-the-ordinary experiences with the ultimate escape into the wild. The Eco Stretch House™ delivers a full off-the-grid experience, moving wherever the action, land or seasons takes you

Capitalise on increased demand for isolated getaway options

The Eco Stretch House™ is an ideal income-generating solution for private landowners looking to capitalize on unused land and the increasing demand for luxury getaway options that take holidaymakers off the beaten track.

Provide scalable accommodation for talent and crew on location

Scaling the size and finishes up or down, the Eco Stretch House™ is an ideal fast-build solution for crew accommodation on location.

Expand existing accommodation quickly and easily

Designed as accommodation-on-demand, the Eco Stretch House™ can pop-up as an instant solution for resorts, campsites and festivals where supporting amenities are available. Constructed in under 8 hours with a small team, it is the answer to capacity overflow or where quick and easy volume accommodation is required.

The sky’s the limit!

What will you do with your Eco Stretch House™?

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