Freeform® Luxury Tent House (Image Credit WOW Camps, New Zealand)


Customise to match your unique outdoor experience

Flexible configurations, customisable walls, a range of interior finishes, and the ability to add to your space AFTER you build, makes the Freeform® Tent House unrivalled in its ability to deliver an outdoor space that matches your style and vision.

Take a look at the options


While we offer a range of customization options detailed below, it’s important to note that furnishing and fittings are not included in this process. You will need to make separate arrangements for those, but we are more than happy to provide guidance and recommendations if needed.

Our team will provide detailed drawings and visualizations to help you determine the best options for your requirements.



If you love LEGO®, you’re going to love the way you can configure and re-configure your Freeform® Tent House to create the space you need.

Our modular components plug in and out to create any number of configurations or living requirements. Add, subtract, or reposition components at any time.