Inspired by the tents of the Bedouin

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Posted on November 30, 2023

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Perfected by Freeform®

Inspired by the nomad tents of the Bedouin, our dynamic stretch tents have forever changed the landscape of the global event industry.

On the move in their migratory rounds, the nomadic Bedouins needed shelter that was both portable and reliable in a variety of conditions. Their goat-hair Bedouin tents or nomad tents as they are also known, have delivered for centuries and provided the inspiration for today’s versatile stretch tent. This re-invention of centuries-old technology into a high-tech yet simple cover solution has proven itself equally as an unrivaled event tool with Freeform® pioneering its development.

We are the leading bedouin tent manufacturer

Driven by a constant desire to improve, innovate and deliver tents that exceed expectations, Freeform® has pioneered the development of the extraordinary Bedouin Tent or Nomad Tent concept to create stretch tents that deliver unmatched value to event rental businesses and commercial spaces.

Exporting our Bedouin tents globally

Based in Cape Town, South Africa, and exporting our Bedouin tents to the world, our durable, waterproof, premium-coated stretch fabrics and leading manufacturing techniques have been adopted by stretch tent manufacturers and rental companies worldwide. If you are looking to buy a Nomad or Bedouin Tent, we are renowned for our quality and pride ourselves on the solid business relationships we have developed with our customers.

Delivering quality Bedouin tents to tent companies around the world

We are proud to supply some of the largest Bedouin tent suppliers in the world and currently export our nomad-style stretch tents to more than 35 countries including the UK, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Hong Kong, and the United States. We can confidently say our Bedouin tents are tried, tested, and trusted across the globe.


Unlike the modern-day stretch tent, Bedouin tents are always black

Besides the names Bedouin Tents or Nomad Tents, these tents are also known as Black Tents. The traditional black tent membrane is made from goat’s and camel’s wool and handwoven by the Bedouin women on ground looms. Inside, cooling happens by convection with air entering and escaping through the loose fibre. The black fibre provides a dense shade in the daytime and protects against the cold at night. Unlike Bedouin tents, Freeform® tents are available in a range of colours including white translucent, white black-out, chino (beige), platinum, taupe, red, blue, orange, yellow, pink and of course, black. Custom colours are available on both sides at a minimum order of 1000m.

The traditional Bedouin fabric is actually waterproof!

When it rains, the loosely woven woolen fibres absorb water and swell, creating a thicker and tighter tent membrane – making it waterproof. Amazing technology considering it took a few years of intensive R&D to develop a fully waterproof stretch fabric. Today we can offer our various markets a range of fully waterproof fabrics. Our polymeric waterproof coating with welded and double-taped seams delivers durability, strength, and a 100% waterproof tent guaranteed.

You would think it would be stuffy beneath a traditional Bedouin tent, but it’s not

The loosely woven material lets air come in and the smoke out. So it’s cool when it’s hot and warm and cozy when it’s cold. Unlike the poorly ventilated traditional marquee, the same goes for our tents. You can rig a Freeform® stretch tent with open sides, allowing cooling air to circulate through the tent.

The organic shape also helps to keep things cool!

Our tents are inspired by the ‘free form’ nature and organic look of the Bedouin or Nomad tent which is in effect simply a rectangular shape that can be pulled into whatever shape your location requires. But did you know that the shape of the Black tent also contributes to natural ventilation inside the tent? When the sun hits the black roof of the tent, hot air starts to rise above the cloth and forces air to be drawn out from inside the tent. This creates a cooling wind effect during the hot days.

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