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Posted on June 9, 2016

Luxury in the Wild

Bushtops push the frontiers of ‘wild luxury’ with Freeform®

As trailblazers of ‘wild luxury’, Bushtops Camps did not shy away from the challenge of creating a mobile safri experience. Instead, they started to think about how they could build a mobile camp that also delivered on their promise of exceptional luxury in the heart of the bush.

“We started playing with the idea of a tent in a container, with the outer walls folding down to create a surrounding deck” says Andrew Stuart, co-founder of Bushtops Camps. “After extensive research we put together a team talented enough to make the concept work, drawing on their experience of creating everything from electric vehicles to ships. We’ve used ground-breaking technologies, advanced engineering plus architectural and design innovations to create a truly pioneering, light, practical product, with interiors carefully designed to match the look of a super yacht. Swiss design has been matched by fabrication from Canada, the USA, Italy, Portugal, India, England and Belgium with fixtures and finishes coming from 16 countries all over the world.”

Luxury in the Wild

A roving luxury safari tent. Image Credit © Bushtops

Freeform® are proud to have been part of the team that finally made it all happen.

Our brief was to design tents that would occupy a very small footprint when packed down. The Bushtops team wanted the tents to over-arch the entire set-up – not only to provide added protection from the elements over both the tented rooms and the hundred square metres of luxurious wooden decking – but also to lend the entire unit a luxurious safari-tent feel. As with all our set-ups, articulating poles were used which pack down to 1.5 and 2-metre lengths. The relatively lightweight fabric of the tents themselves, fold down neatly into bags of around a metre by half a metre each.

As you admire these images of the finished set-up and can’t help but picture yourself slipping into the hot tub on your open yet private deck – lying back to admire the incredible sunset unfolding before you – take a moment to consider the amazing accomplishment Roving Bushtops have pulled off here: all of this on-tap luxury collapses neatly into the trailer and landrover pictured in the photo below.

As a company equally committed to making exciting ideas happen through product innovation and development, Freeform® would like to thank the Bushtops team for the opportunity to have been part of this awesome concept!

Bushtops safari tent packs down to be relocated. Image credit © Bushtops

Safari tent packs down to be relocated. Image credit © Bushtops

The vision of delivering the most luxurious tented camp experience at the face of the action is now an inspired reality!

Click here for more information about our Luxury Tent Houses. To enquire, please contact Freeform® Tents on +27 (0)21 709 0034 or send an enquiry

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