Create revenue-generating spaces with a custom-made stretch tent

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Posted on February 20, 2014

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Rooftop stretch tent manufactured by Freeform® Stretch Tents for Granddaddy Boutique Hotel, Long Street, Cape Town

A custom-made stretch tent solution from Freeform® is an efficient way to turn an under-utilized outdoor space in your restaurant or venue, into an atmospheric, revenue-generating area.

Made to fit, our canopies can be designed around existing features – maximizing available space and providing a stylish and waterproof solution for covered courtyard areas, special dining rooms, chill lounges, dance floors, or outdoor bars.

They are also a popular choice for school and university sporting facilities, playgrounds, and of course as stylish outdoor cover at home. The example pictured above, for instance, is a custom-designed tent installed on top of a building to create a popular rooftop bar for the Grandaddy Hotel in Cape Town.

We have purpose-developed a durable fabric for this application. FreefromFlex® can be rigged on a semi-permanent basis and meets international fire compliance standards.

Our custom-made stretch tents are beautifully made and meticulously fitted. The Sirocco Restaurant pictured above is an example of how we can design and manufacture a tent to fit around existing features like stairwells, walls, and in this case — trees!

The Freeform® brand is synonymous with top quality and safety. We’re ISO 9001 compliant and up to code on all global fire safety standards. We never make claims we can’t support, and are happy to provide our certification for your area of practice.

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