Shade solutions for school pavilion and spectator stands

By Trish Lee / 

Posted on November 9, 2017

Freeform® custom-fit stretch tent / canopy

Nobody enjoys watching a cricket match in scorching heat, especially without shade. But school stands and fields often lack it, and building a permanent roof is too expensive for most schools.

So, schools are stuck, leaving everyone exposed to harsh sun and harmful UV rays. It’s a money problem—schools just can’t afford a permanent shade fix.

A Freeform® custom fit stretch canopy offers a cost-effective solution

That’s where our stretch tents and canopies come in. They’re a budget-friendly alternative and have proven themselves in schools across the Western Cape.

Take Reddam in Constantia, for example. They needed shade for their pool stand, and our custom stretch canopy delivered. It’s been four years, and it’s still doing the job well.

Bishop’s also got in touch. They wanted a stretch canopy for their rugby stands. Now, it not only blocks the sun and rain but also adds a touch of style to the pavilion and grounds.

Our stretch tents aren’t just for sports—they work anywhere, providing instant shade and weather protection. Plus, they can show off a sponsor’s logo, making it a practical sponsorship opportunity. It’s more than just shade; it’s a solution that fits schools’ needs, bringing function, durability, and style together.

We service nationwide in South Africa and can put you in touch with our global network of stretch tent installers if you are outside of South Africa.

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