A stunning outdoor theatre environment

By Trish Lee / 

Posted on July 20, 2018

Freeform® Stretch Tent | Image Credit © Tentworx, Netherlands

It’s wonderful at Wonderfeel – the Netherlands’ largest outdoor classical music festival. Set amidst ancient oaks and beech trees in ‘s-Graveland, this is a beautiful event in nature, enhanced by the design and natural colours of our stretch tents.

Bedouin tents proved the perfect solution for Tentworx NL, who created this attractive open-air theatre environment with multiple tents rigged in a variety of ways to create a series of stage environments. Each tent rig offers a unique and inspiring atmosphere for festival-goers to enjoy the extraordinary performances on offer.

The tents play a crucial role in the culinary aspect of the festival, offering outdoor seating for more than 20 food trucks and a festival restaurant, where visitors can savor a variety of colorful and flavorful dishes.

Wonderfeel in 60 Seconds

Karina Vreeswijk, the founder of Tentworx and the company responsible for this stunning set-up each year, loves the versatility of our tents.

“Freeform® tents create visually striking setups. The main stage, designed to capture attention, stands at 6 meters high, open on the sides, creating a unique and intimate concert experience.”

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