Your questions answered

What is a stretch tent?

A stretch tent is a flat plane of stretch material (usually square or rectangular), anchored at four corners and rigged under tension. Poles are driven into the fabric in an upright position. This gives the tent its structural integrity and allows the tent to be shaped and styled to suit the area. Once this is achieved, you then have the option of taking either one, two or three corners to the ground, depending on weather conditions such as wind and/or rain direction.

What are the non-fabric components of a stretch tent?

Aluminium poles of differing lengths, ropes and pegs with specialist equipment including pole stands and pole caps. See Rigging Equipment.

What will I need in terms of tent inventory, rigging equipment, transport and storage space?

You can start a stretch tent rental company with only a few tents (we would recommend at least three), the necessary rigging equipment (aluminium poles of different lengths, ropes, pegs, pole stands and pole caps and some other minor accessories), a lightweight transport or utility vehicle, a small garage space for storage (tents are pack down into durable vinyl stuff bags and are relatively compact), and a trained rigging team of 4 riggers or more.

How quickly can Freeform® turn around my order?

Generally, orders are fulfilled within 4 to 6 weeks.

What are the best sizes to get started with?

We would recommend taking two 10mx15m standard modular tents and a 18mx12m. That way you can service a variety of event sizes by linking tents together.

What sort of rental rate could I expect?

Rental rates differ from market to market. Ask us and we’ll guide you for your market.

How would I train my rigging team?

We fly a rigging specialist to you for a 3 day training session. You will also have access to our rigging manuals and training video tutorials for ongoing reference.

What is the largest size tent Freeform® can manufacture?

We can manufacture standard modular tents up to 600m². Our F1000 marquee stretch tent is 1000m². Larger areas can be covered by joining standard modular tents together with our advanced Keder guttering system.

What colours are available?

We carry a stock range of colours but any colour is available on minimum order.

Can I brand my tent?

Short answer is yes. We can silkscreen or print full colour photographic graphics. Our side-walls and drop-side solutions provide the best, interchangeable branding solution.

How long does it take to set up a tent?

It depends on the size of the tent. As an indication a 10mx15m tent can be rigged by a team of 4 trained riggers in around 4 hours.

How do I clean a stained or dirty tent?

Tents can be cleaned with a soft brush and gentle detergents. You will need a large flat area.

How do I fix a damaged tent?

Badly damaged tents are shipped to Freeform® for repair. Small tears can be patched with a repair kit on site.

How do I ship the tents?

Freeform® exports worldwide and our experienced agents will handle all your shipping and clearance requirements.