Standard Modular Tents

Link tents to cover any size area

Purchasing a set of modular tents gives your rental business the capacity to service both small and large events with the same tent stock. Purchase two 12mx15ms, for example, and use them at separate events, or join them together at one event to create a 12mx30m or a 15mx24m. Tents are beautifully joined by way of our unique Keder guttering system – a neat and highly functional waterproof join that does not blow off in the wind, replacing the clumsy Velcro joins of the past.

  • Tents are neatly joined by way of the Freeform® advanced Keder guttering system.
  • The system creates a neat, watertight and attractive joining gutter.
  • Our gutter slides under the eaves of the join into Keder Rail sections, allowing the gutter to be stretched independently into a neat, functional shape.
  • It can be stretched taut to form a perfectly curved gutter that drains quickly and more efficiently.
  • It will outlast Velcro joins and offers far superior looks and functionality.
  • The system will not blow off in windy conditions keeping your event dry.

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