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Starting a stretch tent business with Freeform Tents

Freeform® tents mean business

Why Freeform® Tents provides the most effective start-up package for a stretch tent business

If you are looking for an exciting new business opportunity that offers good returns on your investment, then why not start up your own stretch tent rental business in your town or country? Freeform® Tents will support you all the way.

Freeform® Tents is a dedicated manufacturer of stretch tents, and as such we have geared our business to supply and support your stretch tent rental business. There is no doubt that the super durability of our product, support of our experienced staff, and return on investment offer is too good to refuse. Have you considered starting your own stretch tent business in your area today?

Our stretch tents are incredibly versatile

With Freeform® Tents you have the ability to transform any space into a dynamic event location, be it a sports field or a previously unused area at your venue, in a restaurant, or at a hotel. With our premium waterproof fabrics and state-of-the-art technology, we have set the bar with regards to fabrication and stretch fabric development in the rental tent industry.

Stretch tents are an elegant and cost-effective alternative when compared to the traditional event marquee. Not only do they use a fraction of the storage space needed for a traditional marquee, but they require less manpower to set up, are lighter and easier to transport and produce magical, unique shapes and colours that create an unforgettable stylish and airy atmosphere.

Our flagship fabrics also offer potential stretch tent rental businesses the highest quality event tent currently on the market, renowned for its longevity and durability ensuring the best return on your investment.

Another key benefit of the stretch tent business model is that you will see a faster return on your investment when compared to the traditional marquees as there is less initial capital needed to start your rental tent business. Your stretch tent could be paid off after a few initial rentals – offering immediate profits thereafter.

Become part of a global network of rental companies

We export our product to 35 countries worldwide – servicing a network of rental companies around the globe. We value rental companies as a large component of our success and thus strive to supply an extremely competitive product.

Our premium stretch fabric and our quality manufacturing ensures greater longevity of tents

Our fabric range has been tried and tested both on the ground and in our dedicated manufacturing factory situated in Cape Town. Our flagship fabric ticks all the boxes when it comes to outdoor events and is a 100% waterproof. It also meets all international fire standards.

The elastic outer polymer coating will shield your tent from the elements (even for extended periods) and is thus the perfect solution for semi-permanent installations or for rental companies seeking to maximize the longevity of their rental tents.

All our tents are chemically treated with Teflon, UV protectors and mould inhibitors and are the benchmark for the global stretch tent rental industry. Our tents offer just the right amount of stretch to safely craft beautiful shapes and forms.

You can tailor-make your stretch tent to suit your needs

We manufacture a wide range of modular stretch tent sizes ranging from 30m2 up to 600m2, including customised sizing. Our innovative stretch marquee shapes such as the F1000 take our maximum single tent size up to 1000m2. The sky’s the limit when it comes to creating atmospheric event spaces. We are also able to customise your rental tents in a range of vibrant colours that will give your rental tent business a unique edge.

We offer compliance with all major international fire and safety standards plus the most rapid delivery

Our pricing is competitive for an exceptional product, and we can tailor your tent package to suit your specific budget and needs. Our fabric is ISO 9001 rated, and we comply with all major international fire and safety standards. We are able to offer our customers the most rapid delivery and turnaround times worldwide on manufacture to meet challenging event deadlines. We understand the demands and pressures that a tent rental company has to face, and are thus perfectly positioned to offer you invaluable advice and experience in the marketplace.

Our tents are easily branded

Our tents are easily branded for marketing purposes thus giving you the added benefit of high brand exposure coupled with outdoor protection. We can also help you clinch the deal by providing you with professional 3D client presentations that illustrate all our various high-end tent branding options.

We offer marketing support and complete training and start-up packages

Our start up packages include comprehensive stretch tent rigging training, marketing support, and other services offered to help you get your business off the ground such as website design and development, supplying your gallery with pictures or generating a logo for your business. We can also provide you with complete training and tailored start-up packages for rental companies. We can arrange free rigging training courses as well as free tent maintenance and repair training at our Cape Town factory and will arrange all accommodation and transport.

Expect excellent support

Our dedicated and experienced team is there to help you drive your business to success, and we offer you full rigging advice, support and assistance, as well as help with any issues or queries that you may have. We export worldwide and our experienced agents will handle all your shipping and clearance requirements to save you time and energy.

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