Stretch Technology

Freeform® are the leaders in stretch tent fabric technology

Developed from the original non-waterproof 1-ply fabric that formed the catalyst for this new industry, Freeform® has been the driving force behind the development of today’s durable, waterproof, premium coated stretch fabrics – adopted by manufacturers and rental companies world wide.


Fire Resistant & Engineered

Fire certified for the global marketplace (Europe, Germany, Britain, Australia, France and the USA). Engineering tent books available for certain sizes.



100% Waterproof

Our polymeric waterproof coating with welded and double-taped seams delivers durability, strength and a 100% waterproof tent guaranteed.


Anti-microbial & Teflon Treated with UV Stabilisers

For added longevity – repels dirt and water, inhibits the growth of mould and mildew, and reduces fade and sun damage.


Cleaning & Repairing

Cleaned with a soft brush and gentle detergents. Tents can be patched without compromising waterproofing.


Available Colours

White Translucent, White Black-out, Chino (Beige), Platinum, Taupe, Red, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Pink and Black. *Custom colours are available on both sides (minimum order of 1000l/m. See colours



Tents are brandable offering the dual benefit of outdoor event cover and high visibility exposure for brand activations.

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